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Background to my forthcoming book: ‘Businessmen for the poor’

I thought you will be interested to know some aspects of the background of the above-mentioned forthcoming book.


Shortly after I had joined RUHSA (Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs), a middle-aged man named Govindan, walked into my clinic, and started the following conversation.


“Yesterday I waited for a long time in your clinic in our village. Since you did not come, I have come to your health centre. Tell me, why did you skip coming to my village?”


I responded almost impulsively, “Please sit down and explain. For the past one year we have been coming to your village regularly. Hardly anyone attends our clinic. We were planning to stop our clinic. We closed the clinic because it was our New Year holiday. Can you explain why people in your village do not attend our clinic?”


He said that the clinic we conducted on a Monday morning clashed with the major weekly market. The market was more important for the village than the clinic. He suggested that if we changed the clinic day, then more patients would come.


When we changed the clinic day, they came in large numbers. We faced the stark reality that people were more interested in their market related business than coming to a weekly clinic.


His explanation completely changed our understanding of people’s perception on the primacy of business over health. This was the seed that laid the foundation for ‘businessmen for the poor.’


I would be delighted if you can share information about this forthcoming book with those who you feel would benefit from this book. They could be NGOs working for the poor, banking professionals, economists, development professionals and others.


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Rajaratnam Abel









Businessmen for the Poor: Reducing poverty by creating small businessmen and businesswomen

Businessmen for the Poor

Reducing poverty by creating small businessmen and businesswomen


By God’s grace, He has enabled to complete my next book. This is the title of the book now submitted for the publishing process. The whole process might take some time.

I am sharing this information, as I may need the intellectual support of those who are interested in knowing more about this work.

In due course of time, I will share more about the book and the ways in which, you can help in improving the book.

This book I about the work of RUHSA, of Christian Medical College, Vellore, that was started by Daleep Mukarji, my classmate. Our goal was to reduce poverty and improve the health of the people.

When we reviewed our work after my years, we realized that in the pathway of reducing poverty, we had actually created a large number of small businessmen and businesswomen.

This book presents a number of success stories of such entrepreneurs. In subsequent blogs, I will share some of the stories.

Please feel free to ask questions as well share this information, with those who are involved in reducing poverty.


Rajaratnam Abel




Stories for children

God has given me the privilege of serving children through an organization. One of the functions I am responsible for is to edit a monthly newsletter.

There is a good team to prepare the materials. My role is to ensure the accuracy of the materials printed as well as in guiding the direction of the newsletter.

Each month I would like to share at least one full-length story that could be used by the wardens in the hostels.

I would be delighted to receive stories from those of you have access to them.

The stories may be sent as they are or copy and paste on to a word document or the links could be sent to me.

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Businessmen for the Poor

My third book, ‘Businessmen for the Poor’ has now entered the publishing process. This book is based on my lifetime of service for the poor.

God called me to speak for the poor. This has been my lifetime work. More books will follow this in addition to the previous two books published. For the moment I am introducing and working only on this book.

You may think that your life and work is far from the title of this book. I will need the support of everyone in my social media network to share the word around so that those who are involved in empowering the poor will benefit from this book. You can start sharing this with those you may know who could benefit from this. You can invite them clicking on the link below.

I will provide more information in my coming mails and indicate very specifically how you can help.


Bye for now.